$ 6.95

1 LB Bag

Do you want a pasta shape that grabs every bit of sauce or condiment?  THIS IS YOUR SHAPE!   This is our most popular cut and we highly recommend serving it with any meat or thick sauce as each channel in the radiator (YES! Designed as a radiator) grabs the condiment and soaks it up.   This cut has been popular with several local Nashville restaurants for use in Mac N Cheese as well!

About Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. Traditional Pasta

When we first started crafting our traditional pasta we wanted to create something familiar using a variety of traditional pasta making techniques. Our traditional pastas are made from durum wheat and semolina grown in North Dakota and throughout North America. Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. Traditional Pasta is made from wheat that is milled on the banks of the Mississippi river in St. Louis and sent us freshly milled in order to lock in the flavor.