Bluebeard Heritage Grain Fusilli

$ 8.95


We are happy to bring back our Bluebeard Wheat Fusilli.   Bluebeard is a heritage wheat that is grown in Arizona and milled by Hayden Flour Mills.   This semolina pasta is nutty and sweet and has a great bite.  We chose to extrude this using our smaller 2-wind bronze fusilli.    Enjoy with all of your favorite dishes! 


About Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. Bronze Cut Pasta

Nicoletto's Pasta Co. specializes in bronze-cut, slow dried pastas.  Each small batch is traditionally crafted and are made from durum wheat semolina grown in North Dakota and throughout North America.  Unlike supermarket pastas, Nicoletto's Pasta has a course texture that is perfect for soaking up your favorite sauces.