Launching Nicoletto's Pasta Co.


We're really excited about the launch of Nicoletto's Pasta Co. here in Nashville, TN. Both Ryan and I have worked extremely hard over the last year and a half building out our manufacturing facility and making sure that our pastas have what it takes to make your mouth happy. Our adventures have taken us all of the world sourcing Italian made equipment and visiting other pasta shops. We are focused on every aspect of our pasta, from the milling and extraction of the grains used, to the cut and drying process. We believe that you'll taste the difference.

Our desire is to create products and experiences that embrace the simplicity of Italian food through the use of real, honest ingredients.

With Pasta being our focus we understand its appeal ranges from a couple celebrating an anniversary to a college student cramming for a final to a shelter feeding those in need. Pasta is universal. Its appeal knows few boundaries. We deliver our signature pastas and Italian products through our interactions at farmers markets and pop ups in Nashville TN as well as online world wide at

  • Apr 17, 2014
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